Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I wear my Biteback Sports product?

Biteback Sports products can be worn for any outdoor activity; golfing, running, tennis, family walks. It is truly open to the individual.

Please let us know what outdoor sporting activities are of interest and how Biteback Sports can support you?

How long does the Insect Resistant Technology last?


The Insect Shield Technology is EPA-registered to last through 70 launderings, the expected lifetime of a garment. This is also well beyond the life of most performance fabric finishes commonly used in the technical-apparel industry.

Stored (Unused)

Insect Shield products also have a long shelf life. An Insect Shield treated garments stored for ten years have shown no loss of resistant effectiveness.

How much protection is provided?

The resistance is driven by the size of the garment. You may need to adjust the amount of Biteback clothing you wear, depending on the number of biting insects that are present. Topical repellent can be used for exposed skin, if desired, and is especially recommended for heavily infested locations.

How do I care for the Product?

All Products SHOULD NOT be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning removes some of the active ingredient, which reduces the insect resistant quality of the apparel.

In addition to above, each product may carry different wash care instructions depending on the fabric used. We recommend to always read the care label on each individual item.

  • Ryan
    "Delighted with my purchase! Love the colour, feels great on and its very good quality easily holding its own against some better known brands in my wardrobe. I have worn it a couple of times now and whilst the midges were not out in force I can't say I felt or saw anything land on me. I would buy an..."  more
  • John Scott
    "I have just tested the Biteback golf shirt and had no issues with bugs, just the rough!! ..."  more
  • Malcolm Sutherland
    "I have worn the Biteback Sports polo shirt when scything pasture thistles on our property in New Zealand, and found the garment not only comfortable to wear, it offered me great torso protection from the swarming ‘bitey’ insects disturbed by my work, and enabled me to do longer spells to complet..."  more
  • Kathleen Quinn
    "I loved the product. Comfortable and it helped my game...."  more
  • Hugo Davison
    "Naturally a product like this required some rigorous testing on the farm so I took the shirt out for a jaunt up to the lakes. Where I am usually committed to smothering myself with dimp and other anti mosquito agents, which acts as a mere hindrance to these voracious blood suckers, the shirt repelle..."  more
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